raspberry pi 3 model B+

Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B+ !! I’m sold. [8]

1. Intro

The raspberry pi is just a little computer. How small? Someone measured it. It is 8.5cm by 5.6 cm.

raspberry pi 3 model b+

It is a little bit smaller than a standard smartphone.

2. Specifications

Let’s go to the interesting part.

raspberry pi 3 model B+


CPU: The ARM V8-Cortex-A53 Quad Core CPU has been around for quite a long time (2014-2015). Researching about it revealed that this CPU is present in the BQ Aquaris X5 which is a smartphone you never heard of before…

It is capable of 64-bit processing. I remember the old RPI that my brother lended me used to be a 32-bit CPU (RPI 1). On this one, you could run a full desktop OS. Probably !

What is SoC ? System-on-Chip, it means that it has all the components CPU, GPU and RAM on a single chip. Moreover, because the components are stacked in a small space, this makes the RPI power efficient.

Extended 40-Pin GPIO Header: for adding all the electronics bullshit you want, say a led or an ldr.


PoE Header:  For adding a PoE hat. (addon module). PoE allows network cables to carry electrical power instead of just data. With that you are able to power a device that supports PoE (say an IP camera! )

poe hat raspberry pi 3 model B+


USB 2.0 Ports x4: Theoretical maximum of 300Mbps maximum throughput. This is good if you’re planning to add an additional USB to ethernet module.

Gigabit Ethernet: One of the highs of this version is a gigabit 10/100/1000 ethernet port !

MIPI CSI camera port: for connecting a Raspberry Pi camera

raspberry pi camera

I want that !

Stereo Output: You can play your music too ! As a matter of fact, a lot of people told me it is of decent quality.

HDMI: The RPI has a full size HDMI to connect your display. Not a mini-hdmi port. You can connect your classic monitor to it.

Power port: A 5V 2.5A power supply is supported via a micro usb connector (same as your Android phone).

MIPI DSI Display port: This is for addon modules. A touchscreen display can be connected to your RPI. Isn’t that great ! 😮

raspberry pi touchscreen

Wifi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN. Beast mode right there ! That thing is a badass.

Bluetooth 4.2 : Yeah, bluetooth is always handy. Right?

3. Price

I have seen local stores selling it for around Rs.2500.

4. Conclusion

I’m buying it.


Raspberry Pi image comparison to phone

Detailed diagram by Element14

System on chip

Raspberry Pi 3  official specs

RPI camera image

Touchscreen image

ldr image

Featured image

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