Prestashop – Blank page on Products page – Working solution


This was one of the most annoying troubleshooting I have done in my life. Prestashop is a CMS that is still used by many customers around the world. For me, who is used to Drupal, WordPress, Plone and even Joomla! . If like us you got the dreaded blank product page issue on Prestashop. Try this !


Prestashop’s backend is heavy on options and customizations. I almost got lost around all the options and the headings were not that relevant either.

Blank Page

When Steven came to me with issues on Prestashop. I was not sure what to think. He showed me the symptoms. You go to the “Products” page and try to add a new product or modify an existing one. The page would timeout and go blank. It was not a real timeout though.


It was more subtle. All the other pages were working properly. It was definitely not a permission issue. I checked and all the standard permissions were applied for files and directories.

Hours of Google searching revealed close to nothing. We were activating and deactivating options that were not working.

  1. the first clue was in the URL. All the requests pertaining to Categories were working.

blank product page prestashop

2. But the requests for Products was not the same. Categories requests were handled by “AdminController”.

3. Products requests were handled by “Catalog”.  At this point we can totally rule out a hosting issue.

4. When in debug mode, everything was working properly but not in ‘normal’ mode.


I’d like to share a solution that Steven found as it may help someone else.

The solution is simply to “Force Compilation” in Smarty section.

blank product page prestashop


  1. Go to Advanced Parameters > Performance
  2. In the Smarty section, Select “Force Compilation” and then save the changes.
  3. Now, go back to the products page and create a new product!

Hope this helps !


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