One blogpost a day, why should you ? [7]


It brewed with an idea, and some thoughts. Everytime you learn something new and you explore the idea further. There is the creative mind that develops.

Beware! this is not to be mistaken with your normal thinking mind. This one is different. You feel elated when you discover. You jump from one rock to another and it all makes sense.

1. Learning

You might think I’m crazy. But I feel that I am learning when I am writing. The best way of learning is explaining ‘complex’ concepts in layman terms. And then you are able to describe your thought process in writing a blogpost. This helps organise your own thoughts.

2. Discovery

The discovery phase can be very messy. It is your instinct that is boosted by your logical mind at work. The moment that you write everything down, you are defragmenting your own hard drive. You remember. You work on that part of your brain we call the memory.

3. Memory

Talking about the memory. At some point, we forget the details. We may know all the steps but some details might be missing. This is when you can go back to a blog post and read it again. Without having to rediscover what you already knew.

4. Sharing

You spent hours trying to figure out something. It has been hard on you. Why not spare that to someone else ? This is the whole point of sharing. A random guy who got stuck and thanks to search engines, got pointed to your blogpost. You can be proud of yourself, you just helped someone !

5. Improvement

Your writing skills not only improve. You think faster, you become an efficient writer. If you are at ease with language, you can do anything! Mastering languages, be it programming languages or any other language. This is always a plus for your own self.

6. Goals

When you are done writing an article. Your mind starts thinking about the next. If you made mistakes, your mind will correct itself. Don’t think too much, your mind has a goal and something to look forward to now.

Happy writing ! This is my 7th blogpost 🙂

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