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Completing your University dissertation project in 3 days ? [9]

Tip 1 : Choose your own project

A lot of universities will provide you with a list of projects. But they will also allow you to choose your own project. If their proposals look interesting and you have a clear idea how to do it. You should go for it.

In case you are in doubt, ask as much information as you can about the project. This will help you decide whether you can do it or not. In my honest opinion, you should think about completing your university project in around a week.

Why I chose my own ?

Oh, I wanted to make history. There was a need for me to prove the world that I could do something. Something that hasn’t been done before, that’s what anyone should aim for!

Tip 2 : Choose the proper programming language

I remember that while working in a company. We were doing repetitive tasks. When I asked my Senior Colleagues, they pointed me to what I thought was an inappropriate solution. They told me that to do what I envisioned, I would need to have a provisioned server.

If I did follow this path, maybe my code would have been more complete. But, the code needn’t to be maintained on a daily basis. I went for javascript and html as no one wanted to give me a server to develop my Frankenstein. Client-side code. I didn’t need any servers.

The tool efficiently cut the time for that task from 30 to a whopping 5 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes. I left the company and my colleagues are still using it to date !

Tip 3 : KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

If you keep it simple in your head, the implementation will be simple. I can guarantee that other people will find it complex. But if it’s simple you can still explain it easily to your project moderator.

Also, simple also means breaking huge tasks into smaller simple ones. Each function should be able to tackle a task. One module for solving a part of your program. When you are done making all the simple parts, put it all together and get the big picture.

My Dissertation

Programming Language: Python 2.7 (because I hated C’s syntax, and it was a suggestion from my big brother Loganaden)

Subject: Devildron’s Secure Download Manager

Description: All download managers allow downloads from websites but no attempt at integrity checks were done. This is why I wanted to make DSDM.

Time for Completion= Code: 3 days (no sleep) + Documentation: 1 month (max)

Grade: A


Think well before you embark yourself in a project. Make sure you have a proper idea how to complete it and do it quickly!

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