Being part of hackers.mu changed my life [10]

Natural Loner


For those who know me well enough. I am what I call a natural loner. Most of the time, I would prefer being alone and doing my thing. While some people seek company for going to eat, during their lunch break. I prefer being alone in my thoughts.

hackers.mu shaked my life

When the then core group made up of Pirabarlen Cheenaramen, Loganaden Velvindron, Nitin Mutkawoa and Anoop Seburuth knocked at my door. I was surprised to say the least. For me, it was the first time that people would consider me to be part of a leadership for a bunch of youngsters.

Our ‘unofficial’ core values

These are the things that I noticed in our group. Irrespective of our official values and code of conduct.

1. Everybody is equal

Even though, the group is made up of a leading team and members as a whole, every member is considered equal. Being in core group does not mean you can deliver less or have privileges. The same is expected from you as is from anyone else.

2. Lead by example

Talk is good but achieves only little when not accompanied by actions. When you are seeking change, be the change that drives it all.

3. Work hard and play hard

At hackers.mu, working hard is our priority. If you want to achieve something you need to work for it. Great leaders are born from their own will. We not only have strong discipline, but we have a lot of fun and laughs together.


Our Team is Growing

The hackers.mu team started with 5 core + 2 members. We are now 5 core + 7 members


1. Core Team

2. Members

How my life changed?

1. Helping more people


I would never have thought of reaching as many people. Not even in my wildest dreams. We are doing local conferences at the University Of Mauritius, Curtin University, College du St.Esprit and we expect more to come.

The people come and thank us after the conferences. For us we are just doing our duty for the Mauritian population. But positive feedback is also welcome. As well as the negative! We want to improve too.

2. International Conferences – Public speaking


From my personal experience, being flown to Nairobi, Kenya for the Africa Internet Summit has been life changing. Meeting with the locals and engineers from around the world was an inexplicable feeling.

I was in front of a crowd, with the limited public speaking experience that I had at the time. To think that they were all there to listen to what I had to say was humbling. When I shared my experience and did my best to entertain them, they applauded.

The man that came back to Mauritius was a different one. Ready to face any challenge that life can throw at him!

3. Being known


Before stepping into an unknown place, you are always cautious. Since I joined hackers.mu, people already know who I am and what I do. For someone who likes to be private, that whole new world was one I did not necessarily want. But you get used to it eventually.

The media obligations become a walk in the park. You are more at ease with people. Timidity left the place to the free flow of conversation with people. You get to share ideas and learn new things.


Being part of a team will change your life. Your first test is your ability to adapt to change. Doing more than you would normally do and generally pushing yourself beyond your limits.

On this day, I wish to thank my hackers.mu team and fellow members for their presence. Each of you has brought their rock and we have been able to build a home for code-loving open source contributors.



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