3 signs that you should QUIT your job today !

1. Don’t want to go to work

Whether it is the immense pressure you are facing everyday or the displeasing comments of some of your colleagues. The day you feel that force pulling you away from work is one of the most telling signs that you should just find something else

2. Everything feels boring

Yes, your job can be boring at times but not all the time. When it becomes to that point where every task that is given to you feels boring. Or, when you are doing everything in the background instead of it being in the foreground, this is another sign that it’s time to tell your bosses that they can shove it where you think :D. I’m kidding, you should thank them for the valuable experience and start looking for more challenge.

3. Promotion/Increments never come

Do you feel you deserve more? Are the new guys earning more than you and you somehow feel unappreciated? Are your bosses always promising to get you a raise but nothing’s happening?

Well, my friend, I can reassure you, you are not alone. Many have felt the same way and reluctantly left their job. But hey believe me, there’s always a door that opens for you ! And chances are, they will pay you more and your colleagues and bosses will appreciate your hard work !

Read my story

I know you already know what to do by now. But, if you still got some spare time. Read my story 🙂

5 years = 4 different jobs

Year 1-2: Network Operation Center Technician

I have worked as a NOC Technician at Outremer Telecom. I had seen videos of people working in NOCs and that job seemed cool.

For the first year, It was very nice. I learned a lot! My boss really appreciated my work. The colleagues were all very supportive and helped me a lot.

It was one of those jobs where the team is really together and if you are not together, you fail but as a team. The whole team gets bashed and you know that you have not done enough. Or you should have been more careful.

Working in a NOC gave me a sense of empowerment. We were working 24/7 , driving the well-oiled machine that was protecting the world against downtime.

But little by little, everything I was doing there was background. My mind wasn’t challenged anymore. You just feel that you can do more ! That is when I left. And never regretted that decision.

Year 3-4: Cloud Systems Administrator

From a Level 1 job to a Level 2 Systems Administrator. This is like the world is making sense again. My previous experience with Gnu/Linux – (Kudos to my brother Loganaden Velvindron  for showing me the light side of the force!). I had put a lot of after hours to come to reach that level.

Here, I was offered freedom. I was no longer on that 24 hour shift. I learned to be more responsible. Taking as much responsibility that I was able to. The Level 1 guys were looking up to me now. They all saw me as an example to follow.

On-call was new to me. The monitoring team would call me at night. They would tell me the symptoms and expect me to find a solution. Always keep calm, they will panic, but it is you the teacher now. Having moved from L1 to L2, I could easily relate to my peers.

I saw them as my equal, and I would always give them tips. Advice is invaluable, everyone needs to progress in life. And it was my role to bring them up to my level. If they shall exceed that level, then I shall learn from them later. Nothing is lost, sharing is caring.

Despite doing my best everyday. Giving myself 100%, people would talk behind my back. They will criticize your way, your way of telling the truth. I learnt that sometimes you should shut up instead of telling the truth.

Most people don’t like to hear the truth, and as a matter of fact, most people are not as positive as you may be. They do not want the best for you. A lot of them, want to see you wounded and desperate.

Even the bad can be good! I grew from this experience. And I must admit, some of the criticism even helped me in my present career.

Year 4.5: Security Researcher

I have always been driven to security. The hacker culture. Telling people that you found a bug on their system. That got to be satisfying. When I left my job to follow this path, I found who my real friends were.

People would look down on you, I got little or almost no support from people, except some dear friends that I kept close. They will bash you down, they will say you can’t do it. But you can. I believed I could, my personal challenge. And today thanks to my own efforts, I am featured on their website as a Security Researcher.

Year 5: DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer

I found the security research, to be saturated. Many bugs that you find will be filed as duplicates, many companies will pay you late. As such, I decided to find a full-time job but in a field that I doted on.

That field was automation,  I had interviewed with a number of companies but that one was gold. Everything had to be built from scratch and it was the real challenge. That job is more of a Level 3 job, which is quite different from a support role. I am now in charge of building the servers from ground up.

DevOps and Infrastructure engineer


I am loving every moment. Waking up thinking about how you will change the world today (one server at a time! ) . The colleagues are awesome, I have joined a team where my brain is challenged all the time. The boss really appreciates my work and is very supportive.

Yes, that kind of job exists.


If you’re still thinking about it, stop now. Quit that boring job and start living 🙂



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