IETF 102 Hackathon

IETF 102 – A fun TLS 1.3 Hackathon

TLS 1.3

We are already on Draft 28!  The protocol is nearing finalization. Soon, TLS 1.3 will be available officially out of beta state.

Want to know when? We don’t know! No one knows for sure. It will be ready when it will be ready ! (I guess)

But while everyone is waiting, we are working. We have reached a deeper understanding  of how it will affect our lives.


Mercurial, the git clone, we have tested it against draft 28 and python 2.7.15. Most of the features work but it’s still a work in progress. I feel that python although a quite early adoption of the protocol still lacks the features for worldwide adoption.

Yes, they don’t make implementation easy, but it’s still in ‘pre-release’ phase right? The fact that so many communities are preparing for it is a very good sign. A sign of maturity. You can see changes coming out every month, like, new TLS 1.3 specific ciphersuites being supported.

Remotely remote hackathon

This year, due to lack of time and general tiredness, I worked from home. It was fun, but the team and community members had a lot more fun!

See Veegish’s blog post

IETF 102 Hackathon

Photo Credits – Veegish

That was the place to be!!!

IETF 102

Photo credits – Veegish

Planning for next time

Come and join the team for some exceptional coding experience!! 🙂

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