uom codewars 2017

UoM CodeWars 2017 – Real life code implementations !


It has been a tiring couple of weeks, but before the end of September. I need to have a blog post ! 🙂

So, everyone heard about the open competition that we made at the University of Mauritius on the 21 September. To make it short, we invited students from UoM to join us to do what hackers.mu does best. Making open-source software RFC-compliant.

And needless to say, it has not only been a full on success, but it has also been downright fun !

Opening Speech and Presentation

uom codewars 2017

I made the opening speech and the main presentation. Explaining to people where we come from and what we do. As usual I tried to make the presentation as ‘not boring’ as possible to keep the guys awake.

After a quick presentation to give them a perfectly clear idea of what we’ll be doing,  a little demo on the tools that we are going to use.

Request For Comments (RFC)

uom codewars 2017

Logan then made a presentation on RFCs and the one that we were going to be implementing.

We chose one of the simplest RFCs on purpose to have them get familiar with it. RFC 7465 – Prohibiting RC4 cipher suites.

The first reaction that we noticed when the RFC was presented is how scared they looked. Damn, it was just a 2-page RFC guys! LOL.

Then, we proceeded with a little break before going right to it.

Show must go on! (First half)

When the first half started, half of our audience disappeared. Only the strong remained. What a pity ! It was an easy RFC.

The participants were in full concentration. Loganaden and myself helped the students around. Guiding them through the whole process. We saw more progress from some groups compared to others.

We let the guys understand the code and try do it by themselves.

Second and Final Half of Codewars

uom codewars 2017

Courtesy of Akasha Lilith

An hour and a half was all that remained. So we decided to give tips to everyone. And the tips did pay off.

Most of the teams caught up with each other! They understood with better clarity what was required.

In the end, all the teams had a solution and were asked to demonstrate how well it worked.


Winner: Sudo Code (Muzaffar Auhammud, Zaheenah Boodeea, Shahanah Puttaroo)

2nd place (ex-aequo) : Let’s C & Code Freaks

3rd place (ex-aequo): AC_Code & The Pi Team

Honorable Mentions: Kaleidoscope, Code Crusher & Voyager

The winners are 1st year students from UoM. Codewars was a success!

Congrats guys and congrats to all participants! Without you, all this would not have been possible 🙂

codarren at hackers dot mu

Special Thanks

A special thought for Yash Paupiah – UoM Computer club President, Lavnish Maunthrooa and Farhaan Hatteea who were responsible for organising and booking the room as well as getting everything ready for participants.


Presentation slides

RFC 7465


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