451 Censorship Detector – IETF99 Hackathon

IETF 99 451 Detector

IETF Hackathon, Chicago 25/03/2017

Hackathon Preparation

When you have a month ahead preparation for a hackathon, you always think that you have time. The sad truth is that: Time waits for no one. The clock will keep ticking, it is you who has to adjust.

The 451 project was one of those. It went blazing! A few times during this hackathon, I went berserk, borderline crazy trying to figure out the most simple mistakes.

This hackathon happenned in Prague, Czech Republic and we hackers.mu participated remotely. Loganaden Velvindron, Kifah Meeran (Google Code-in finalist) and myself worked together.


Under the guidance of our hackathon project champions: Niels ten Oever (ARTICLE 19), dkg (ACLU), Joe Hall (CDT). We made a pretty neat working prototype that would detect http status code 451 on requested pages.

The more we worked together, the more I realised that I had to refine my skills even more to reach greatness. In only 18 months, I had risen very quickly. My skills had become 10 fold. I understood networking, security, protocols and programming at a very intimate level.

When you have become good, you have to focus on becoming great. This is my next goal.

IETF 99 451 detector

Prototype – 451 Detector

We had a very good working prototype that would give a clean UI feedback. dkg worked together with me to fix some latent bugs. The guy showed me a new way of working. A way of organising ideas and that going fast isn’t always the goal. The main thing is to have the right stuff in. And this will come in due time.

We are still working on another extension that not only detects but also helps reporting cases of http451. So I will post the links soon.

For now, the prototype is only available on Chrome. Will be available on firefox soon.

It detects cases of website censorship (RFC 7725)

451 Detector

Also, our team won the “Best New Work” awarded at the IETF 99!

See the video here 🙂

Presentation slides here

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