Unifying receiver by Logitech – pairing guide GNU/Linux

Logitech M570 – Pairing using the unifying receiver

Logitech unifying receiver Linux

Logitech M570 pairing under linux

So, here’s my story. I had a Logitech M570, which I didn’t use for quite a long time. I remember it was comfortable enough for my hands. For me to go find it again and get a feel of it.

Dusting Off

Of course a lot of dust. Needed new batteries. But once it turned on, I felt relieved. It still worked. There was a little adapter beside it. A usb adapter with logitech written on it. My guess was that was it. Wrong! A quick dmesg revealed, this was the receiver for a headset.

Missing Logitech unifying receiver

Now, I had one huge problem. The mouse is a wireless one, and I had no way to make it work. I had no wireless receiver to pair it with. The one that I had for the headset was not a ‘unifying’ receiver, so I couldn’t ‘flash’ it to detect the M570.

logitech unifying receiver linux

Logitech unifying receiver – notice the orange black symbol


Getting a unifying receiver

About a week ago, I bought 2 unifying receivers on ebay for like $10, so they are cheap. Beware of fakes ! They do exist. I would guess that anything  under $10 would be fake.

At long last, they came in today so I had to test them 🙂 and get that M570 to work again.

Pairing under GNU/Linux

My next hurdle was the pairing part. Under windows, you have the proprietary Logitech Unifying software. Luckily, we do have a few alternatives too!

Solaar -GUI Option

Solaar has a nice GUI easy to use interface, but you may have to restart to get it to work after installation.

Solaar logitech unifying receiver

Solaar GUI


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:daniel.pavel/solaar

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install solaar-gnome3

Solaar pairing logitech linux

Solaar pairing a new device

All you have to do, is click on pair new device.

Turn your device on and off and Voila!

It’s all paired and working.


ltunify – CLI

ltunify is a nice command-line alternative to Solaar. Also, I like this one way more than the graphical Solaar.


git clone https://github.com/mir-ror/ltunify.git

cd ltunify

make install -home


Plug in your unifying receiver.

Open a terminal and  launch the command:

sudo ltunify pair

Turn your device on and off, done!


sudo ltunify unpair

Have fun pairing and unpairing all your devices under GNU/Linux


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