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AIS – Mentoring at the Africa Internet Summit 2017 Hackathon

Kernel Hacker


Those two words are easily misinterpreted. Maybe it is what people don’t know or what people are afraid of. This ain’t anything new. There have been thousands and thousands of kernel hackers before me.

Hosting a hackathon

I thought this would be easy. That everyone would know what a it is. They don’t. For me, a hackathon without coding involved is not one. What else are you going to hack ?

Day 1 : Getting a job


  1. Hacky way of getting a job
  2. Increasing your visibility
  3. The tools
  4. Compiling your kernel

hackathon AIS 2017 codarren

My presentation was all about what I felt when doing my first hackathon.  The moment that you know you are going to change history forever.

A discovery, of the many people that are doing this , every month, twice a month, every week, on a given weekend. We do it for fun and for a chance at changing the world. We make no money out of it, no corruption involved. It is the purest form of art.

Hope, is what I wanted to pass to my audience. I always feel a bond to the people I teach to. That student-mentor bond that can’t be broken.

My audience was mainly composed of University Students, and enthusiasts.



Day 2 : Let the fun start



  1. Who did the homework?
  2. Let the games begin!


hackathon AIS codarren








The first homework served as a test of will

A few people attempted it, some failed, some completed it.

The few who successfully completed it, went right into it.

The lesson to retain is that we wait for no one. People who give in the effort will succeed. Those who don’t will lag behind. This is life.

Mohamed Aliouat (DragonFlyBSD)


Moubarak DADA (NetBSD)

hosting a hackathon

After a lot of hard work, those were the selected hackers who shined at the hackathon.

Details of the event in the links =)


Good Bye Kenya

hackathon AIS codarren








On the last day, Mr. Serge Parfait and myself walked from the venue and back. We shared our views on the best movies of all time. Godfather and a few others.

It was the first time that I visited Kenya. Every other day was just hotel to hotel in paid transport. I could smell some very peculiar scents from trees.

hackathon AIS codarren








Kenya is such a beautiful country, I have made a lot of friends. I hope that I’ll get the chance to go back as a tourist some day 🙂

Links and reports of the event

More pictures!

Certificate ceremony


I would like to pay tribute to some people that have been kind to me.

Mr.Gotze helped me in simple things as lending me a usb charging cable! This guy saved my life !

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