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Week Ly – A browser extension that shows current week number!

Week Ly – A sick week

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Being sick and staying at home sucks. It had been a very busy week with on-call duty.

I have been feverish for the past 2 days and forced to stay at home. I wanted to check my planning and make a little forecast for the next weeks to come.

Week number ?

I thought why not just type in ‘week number’ on Google and see what comes up. Surprise! nothing quick comes up.

First result will tell you that there are 52 weeks in a year. (Thanks!). You’d then have to scroll all the way down to see current as a number in bold.

Second result goes to show you what current week we are in. That’s probably the one I should have chosen.Then I thought, there must be something quicker to do all that.

I don’t want to waste so much time on this.

Firefox – Nothing

There was no browser extension that did this on firefox, this was surprising to me.

No addon that would just show the goddamn week number!

Opera – Nothing still

Maybe there is a reason behind that?

Chrome – 2 extensions

There are extensions that do just that on Chrome !

Erm, Why would I need to know the week number again ?

I am glad you asked! Well, as a working guy, I always have to get my goals straight.

I would set my deadlines for things that I want to achieve to a certain end of week.

But first, I’d need to know which week we are currently in. And that is why I created Week Ly on firefox  and Opera !

Maybe I’ll port it later on Chrome too.

Week Ly extension chrome opera firefox current week number


Uniqueness – Week Ly is born.

  • Common feature : extension icon shows current week
  • Week Ly has it’s own unique features as well
  • Tooltip shows the current week we are in ! (just in case you can’t read the icon)
  • Clicking on the extension icon shows you a random quote 🙂

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