Tab Purifier Lite 2.5.1 – Lessons Learnt!

Tab Purifier Lite 2.5.1 – Lessons Learnt!


As I recall, I have always been driven by a need to innovate. I remember when I would have ideas that no one thought of before. People would come to me and expose their very own ideas. I would always encourage someone to fulfill his/her dreams.

When I decided to make this one extension out of my own original idea, I thought this would be so easy to do. How wrong I was at the time.

But it is a reality. Tab Purifier Lite is my gift to the community.

tab purifier lite porn tab closer

Tab Purifier Lite

What’s in a name ? To that I would reply: EVERYTHING.

The name is the essence of the application. The application takes care of your tabs and windows and cleans them up. So Tab Purifier I thought it would be.

It has something Godly to it. It purifies your browser. Suppresses what should not be. Choose the name wisely, it will live on forever.



Your application should have purpose. You need to want to use it. If others want to use it too all the better!

If you yourself are having second thoughts about using an app, scrap it. Don’t waste your time.



To make Tab Purifier Lite a reality, I have had to test a lot of pr0n sites as you might have thought. I have had to test around 3000 websites to know if it worked well!

I don’t think that I have ever been addicted to pr0n. But I just knew it was there and after testing so many sites. I can tell you, you start to get a profound aversion for pr0n.

Tab Purifier lite is my baby,  and it works ! It closes pr0n sites



I expected to have a lot of feedback on the app. Well, you’d be surprised, I got none. No news is good news they say.

People would just use the app and say nothing about it. I guess it works like it should.

But I always got worried, that is why I tested the app myself as much as I could. Thankfully, my friends gave me some feedback. So thanks guys for testing this!

If someone somewhere wants to give me some feedback on the app, please do so >here<. It’s completely anonymous!


No adware/No spyware/No bullshit

Tab Purifier Lite does not monitor any website. Nor your usage/the sites you visit. It just closes pr0n tabs. That’s it.



This is a very important part. Without proper marketing, people won’t know your app even exists. I found out that when people would see this app.

There is a one out 2 chance that they will download it or at the very least check it out.

I want to commend Web Designers and Graphic designers alike. They are doing an awesome job at marketing. One that I’m not particularly good at.


Download (Free!)

Please feel free to download it from the product website : Tab Purifier lite here<<<



There are a lot of ways to contribute to the app, one of them being to just say a “Thank You” or giving me 5 stars if you think the app is deserving.

If Tab Purifier Lite saved you a sweat or two, please consider donating here<<<



1.73 – Chrome extension

The first release, that was on Chrome. It had very basic features. Just a button for closing  pr0n tabs. What more did you want?

2.0 – Logo redesign

Around version 2.0, I decided to redesign the logo to give it a more familiar look. The P was obviously for Purifier, while some might think the P was for Pr0n.

2.0.1 – Firefox Support

While I realised that though Chrome was the most used browser on the planet.

I noticed that most of the visitors on the site were using Firefox. This is when the support for Firefox was developed.

Also, you might have noticed that the version naming has been changed. This was mainly because I had a lot of optimizations that I wanted to bring forward.


2.1.1 – Hotkey

My friends came to me with a brilliant idea. A hotkey to close all pr0n tabs ! So there it was Alt + Q 


2.1.5 – Performance optimizations

As I spoke more and more to other addon Developers, I realized that my extension’s code was not properly optimized.

This is a crucial part of any extension – Speed. It can close 100 tabs in 1 second or less depending on your gear.


 2.5.1 – Major Release – 9 Language support

  • Support for 9 languages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese,  Greek, German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish.
  • Alt + Q – To close all tabs
  • Super fast – 1s – 1.5 to close around 50 tabs!




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