Hackathon AIS 2017 – Episode 1

Hackathon AIS 2017 – Episode 1

Mauritius Airport

If you are a first time traveller travelling from Mauritius. This article is for you!

I remember the times when we used to wait for hours. Just for my grandmother to take the plane.

A little kid at the time, and travelling was a big deal. Every family member seemed super excited and emotional.

There is  unending queue. anymore. (or we came too early).


For first timers, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Even more when we are used to our comfort.

I can assure you, it is a quick process.

1. Enter the airport  (obviously!)

2. On the large display scrrens you will find a plane reference (in my case MK851).

It will tell you in which line(number)  you should queue up.

3. Join the queue. I had not much to wait. Around 5 people.

The operator will ask you for your ticket (or e-ticket). Then, tell to put your luggage on the conveyor. Your handbag/backpack stays with you.

4. She will then give you a boarding pass. (maybe you’ll get 2 even) if you have to take another plane (additional stop)

/!\ Make sure you don’t lose it /!\

5.  Next is passport control. Another queue. You just have to give your passport. The guy will check it. (briefly). You will be told to a proceed to the next door.

6. Security controls

They will ask you to put all belongings on a conveyor belt to be x-rayed (i guess).

By belongings I mean, your coat, your watch, your laptop and your handbag/backpack . Nothing metallic on you or illegal, it will beep!

You then get them back on the other side of the machine.

7. Boarding

You now proceed to the lounge. Basically a waiting room, last step before taking the plane.


Before going there, you have to pass duty free shop. And buying something more expensive than €40. (I am kidding!)

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