AIS hackathon 2017 IETF codarren

Hackathon AIS 2017 – Episode 2

Flight to Kenya

The flight was to go from Mauritius to Johannesburg and then from Johannesburg to Kenya


From Mauritius, I was dropped off to SA.

The flight was served by Air Mauritius.

On arriving at SA, I must say, their terminal numbers are confusing.

Finally asked the locals where to go and they helped out.

Overall, locals/employees are very helpful. They will point you to the right direction.

The people are very friendly, they joked with me and I responded back. We had a very good laugh.

Proceeding to Boarding Gate, on your right, on the left,there are shops. A lot of them! Kid’s shop, cosmetics and in the center of it, there are big muffins being sold by “Home of Jo” i think the name was.

A muffin is actually very expensive. It costs 42 Rand, equivalent to around 113MUR. This is a lot even for MU standards. But it’s a big muffin, started to eat it on the plane.

And still having some right now.

The muffin was very tasty, can’t complain. Lemon and Poppy seed muffin, never tasted before.


Once the plane arrived in Kenya, you are rushed to a bus that takes you to the airport/luggage area.

You have to fill in a yellow form, to state the purpose of your visit.

That is quickly filled. Then, queue up in the Eastern African/Comesa queue.  The airport people are very friendly to Mauritians.

I noticed that they are very surprised and happy when they hear Mauritius.

Once I passed the passport validation step. There are a lot of people that will ask for taxis, like they are literally lined up.

If you don’t have one it’d be good. Fortunately, ISOC already provided me with taxi facilities.

ISOC IETF codarren

Can you spot ISOC ?

So, I just had to locate the guys who were waiting for me.

Leonard, had been sent by ISOC to welcome me to Kenyan Soil.


isoc ietf AIS kenya hackathon codarren

Leonard, this guy waits for people for hours. I salute his patience!









Eka Hotel

I got a pretty nice room at Eka Hotel, Gregory, took my luggage.

Those guys work really hard after hours while we are sleeping.

AIS hackathon IETF ISOC codarren

Gregory taking care of the luggage









Overall a very friendly team there and you feel a real welcome from those guys.

AIS hackathon IETF ISOC codarren

Compact, Cozy hotel room









As for me, taking a good bath and off to sleep!

We got a lot of work to do tomorrow 🙂

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